Our story so far.

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How We Were Born

Once upon a time in the North there lived a little princess. This princess was not an ordinary fairy tale princess.

She had no toys made of gold, nor was she ever wrapped in brocade or furs.

Instead, she looked like every other little girl and even wore diapers!

Although, You could never tell it, when you met her playing with the ball in the park or building castles out of sand in the sandbox (this was the closest, she got to the palace those days), the princess was 100 % real.

Like every other princess, our princess also had a dress, but ours also had a romper… and a beanie…and a pair of pretty little trousers – because a modern princess can’t grow up without such things.

When our princess finally grew up, she decided, that the only thing more interesting than royal affairs is fashion, and oh she was good at this!

So now every little princess or prince in the world can have a gown or a playsuit worth her or his royal cuteness.

And if sometimes from the first glimpse it’s hard to tell that you are looking at a royal, do not be deceived – this is the right suit to enter the dragon’s lair or the kindergarten.

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